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About Your Skin Signal 

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DermaSign Balancing Skin Mist

 Featuring hydrating (Vitamin B5) and antioxidative (Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract) 

ingredients, protect the skin from daily environmental aggressors leaving the 

skin refreshed and perfectly balanced. Also contains calming ingredients 

(Aloe Vera Extract, Cucumber Extract, Comfrey Extract) to soothe and revive 

dehydrated and stressed skin. 

(Vitamin B5)、(Comfrey Extract (with Allantoin) )、(Vitamin E)、(Cucumber Extract)、(Aloe Vera Extract)、(Green Tea Extract )



Use morning and night;Mist onto a cotton pad or hand.Sweep over face after

 cleansing or any time the skin needs a boost of hydration or antioxidant support.


For the skin:

(All Skin Types)

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